Woodland tree service is happy to provide you with expert advice and information regarding all of your tree care questions. We offer arborist reports, permit applications, hazard tree assessments, diagnosis of tree health problems, planting advice and tree protection zones.   ​

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Trees require care and maintenance the keep them safe and healthy, pruning is one of the most common tree care practices. Trees may need to be pruned for many different reasons, some of which could include, building clearance, elevation, removal of deadwood, thinning to improve airflow and light penetration, reduction of weight on heavy limbs, or setting the structure of young trees to allow them to grow to their full potential. All of our pruning practices are performed at a level set by the International Society of Arboriculture.

Stumps left behind after a tree has been taken down often need to be removed. They can be unsightly, in the way, and a source of unwanted sucker growth. Woodland tree service has just the machine for the job, our Vermeer stump grinder can remove stumps to a maximum depth of 10 inches below grade and fit through a standard size gate allowing us to access stumps in hard to reach spots. The mulch left behind is great for gardens or around the base of trees, or if you choose we can haul it away for you.​

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We also specialize in the pruning and shaping of hedges and shrubs. Hedges require frequent trimming to keep them healthy and at an ideal size. Woodland tree service has the proper tools to safely shape, lower, and rejuvenate your hedges and shrubbery. Having your hedge trimmed, often has the biggest impact in improving the appearance of you landscape.​

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Sometimes trees require extra support. Weak unions require a high strength cable and hardware to be installed in the trees canopy to limit movement of limbs. Bracing is the installation of threaded rod through a weak union in order to provide mechanical support of the weakened area. Proper use of cabling and bracing can prolong the life of a tree and reduce the risk of failure.​

When the time comes to remove a tree you can be assured that we will use the safest and most modern techniques available to finish the job efficiently and effectively. We have both spent many years in the industry acquiring the many specialized skills to perform removals. With our extensive experience in removals we will climb trees and use rated ropes and hardware to safely lower limbs and wood to the ground when obstacles such as buildings, gardens, or fences are in the way.

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